You’ve worked a lifetime preparing for the next step, and we are here to ensure that next step is everything you want and need it to be. No financial plan is cut and dry; each is crafted for your lifestyle. Thus, we take a wide-angle approach to reviewing your current financial status in order to meet your financial goals. As an independent financial firm, we offer a variety of insurance products to meet your financial objectives.

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While federal employees have arguably the best retirement system in America, it is also arguably the most confusing. Between knowing the different investment funds in the Thrift Savings Plan (“TSP”), the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (“FEGLI”) plan, and all of the different rules about withdrawing your retirement funds, fully understanding the Federal Employee Retirement System (“FERS”) can be overwhelming. Fortunately we have vast experience with and knowledge of the ins and outs of FERS. Let us educate you on all of your options and guide you through the FERS process.

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Annuities are possibly the most common, most utilized, yet most misunderstood financial products available to consumers today. In fact, most investors have no idea that there are actually four very different and unique types of annuities available to them. Instead, most people have been misled by both the media and certain financial personalities who misrepresent and lump all annuities together as if each one works exactly the same.

So, what exactly is an annuity? According to the dictionary, an annuity is an amount of money that is systematically paid to a person for a specified period of time, often for the rest of his or her life. Essentially, an annuity is just a good old-fashioned income stream. Today there are four different types of annuities available to consumers, and it’s often likely that it would make sense for you to have at least one of them in your overall retirement plan.

*Guarantees are based solely on the financial strength and claim-paying ability of the issuing company and compliance with product requirements.


When people think of life insurance they typically think of term insurance: Paying a fixed premium on a monthly basis for a guarantee* from an insurance company to pay a fixed amount of money to one’s beneficiaries. While everyone should have life insurance, the industry has evolved and created cutting-edge and versatile products that not only provide a death benefit, but also accumulate cash value. Examples include whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and variable life insurance. Each type has its own unique characteristics and traits, but the goal for each is to provide your loved ones with a sense of financial security should you die prematurely and also accumulate as much cash value as possible for you to tap into on an income-tax-free basis. More and more people are buying cash value life insurance because of the tax efficiency it offers.

*Guarantees are based solely on the financial strength and claim-paying ability of the issuing company and compliance with product requirements.


Long-term care (“LTC”) is the assistance needed when one either requires help performing an activity of daily living (e.g., bathing, dressing, eating, etc.) or has a severe cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease. Because Medicare does not pay for long-term care services, such as assisted living, and only pays for the first one hundred days of skilled care (i.e., physical therapy or nursing), it may be important to consider purchasing a LTC insurance policy. With the creation of new hybrid insurance products, something that was once viewed as too expensive may now actually be a very practical purchase for you. We can guide you through that decision-making process in determining what exactly is best for your individual case.


Recognizing that no investor wants to have to pay a cent more in taxes than necessary, we can analyze how certain financial products may make sense for your financial planning in order to minimize your tax burden. Certain strategies offer tax deferral so that you only pay taxes when you actually take a withdrawal. Other products, such as life insurance, also offer the opportunity to utilize tax-free income when structured properly.


In a time where the stock market seems to be exceptionally volatile because of world events, politics, and its ordinary market fluctuations, principal protection is arguably the most important service any financial professional can offer you. We examine each client’s unique portfolio carefully, educating our clients about their options and steps they can take to potentially lower their risk.


With over 2,728 rules, more than 567 different ways to claim Social Security, and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime at stake, the method in which you claim your Social Security income benefit is quite often the most important decision you will make within your retirement income planning. Considering that employees at the Social Security Administration are prohibited from advising you on the best ways to maximize your benefit, speaking with a qualified financial professional about this decision is extremely important.

Not approved by or affiliated with the Social Security Administration or any other federal governmental entity.



Planning for income strategies is not just for the super wealthy. All soon to be retirees need to build an effective plan that accounts for their lifestyle, future wishes, and endeavors. Preparing for bumps in the road that come with growing older is another key factor in planning on income to last you throughout retirement. Fixed-income products provide steady lifetime income and can be used to ensure safety in your income and retirement investments. People are living longer… are you prepared to fund 25-30 years of retirement income?


“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.” – Albert Einstein

Depending upon where you are in your financial lifespan, it may be appropriate for you to have a certain portion of your assets at risk in the market within your investment portfolio. Not every person is the same, and accordingly, each financial product recommended to you will be based upon your risk tolerance, age, and goals moving forward.

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