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About Us

Andrik Financial is here to guide you.

We are experts in Federal Benefits, and how those benefits transition into retirement. We help Federal employees and their families with retirement income planning before and after they transition into retirement. We also offer a variety of financial services to help you plan ahead. 

Who are we?

Our primary objective is to educate federal employees on their benefits and optimize their specific situations so they can get the most out of their federal retirements. With the current lack of internal HR support, Andrik Financial serves to fill that gap as the centralized source all federal employees can come to when they need help transitioning into retirement.

Our Process

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2. Evaluate

3. Plan

4. Peace of Mind

Andrik Financial's Services

You’ve worked a lifetime preparing for the next step, and we are here to ensure that next step is everything you want and need it to be. As an independent financial firm, we offer a variety of products and services to meet your financial objectives.

Our Full Range of Services


At Andrik Financial, we understand that Federal employees often find it difficult to find guidance when it comes to understanding the complexities of their Federal benefits and their Federal retirement. Andrik Financial will help you create a plan and prepare for the future lifestyle that you have worked so hard for to achieve.

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We regularly conduct workshop events and seminars to educate people and prepare them to meet their financial goals with the most cost-effective solutions. Our workshops are designed to provide individuals with essential tools and techniques of wealth strategies and planning for the future.

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